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Mickie James gets her cunt eaten and fucked

Monday, September 19th, 2016

Mickie James started young with her cuckold sessions and this kinky clip is one of the firsts, which made her an instant celebrity. Having her gardener eat and fuck her smooth shaven cunt in front of her old lover, while on a table, is probably one of the best amateur porn she’s done when she was just starting in the business. Watch how she enjoyed that stiff tongue and throbbing dick and you be the judge on how hot James was few years back.

Kinky Mickie James enjoying sex on a glass table

Dirty Mickie James in hardcore gang bang

Sunday, April 24th, 2016

Mickie James takes on more than one cock

If there’s one tag team that Mickie James doesn’t mind dealing with, it’s whenever she participates in a hardcore gang bang where she gets to take on all the cocks she can handle in one go. Sucking on every dick, riding them, and getting plowed rough by any of them is her ultimate game in her own world of wrestling. This is the kind of fight that she looks forward to because nobody really loses. Everybody gets a fair share of pleasure even when exhausted from using every single muscle in their body.

Mickie James gets down and dirty with a big, black cock

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Finally, I’ve got the Mickie James sex tape right here!  Watch the famous wrestling celebrity get down and dirty with a big, black cock in this hot porn video.  Mickie plays an innocent cheerleader looking for the women’s bathroom…in the men’s locker room.  Stupid as it may sound, the story gets steamier by the minute as this obliging black guy decides so help Mickie out with her problem.  To satisfy the itch in her pussy, she gets this dude to have his way with her.  She gives him a blowjob first and then gobbles that huge cock like a starving girl.  Then she props herself onto one of the benches and gets pumped full of black dick from behind!  Now who cares about the storyline if the video is as hot as this is?  Check out some free previews below and click the thumbs for the scenes.  You’ll definitely want the whole video after watching these short clips so don’t waste time and go directly to and download the full hardcore video that’s been on everybody’s mouth since it surfaced on the web!